Franchise Formulas

Franchise Formulas

With Fabbene at your side, your team will work with the F&B market specialist in the Netherlands and Belgium. We not only think of the most suitable F&B franchise formula for BeNe, but also fully assist you in the realization of the individual restaurants. As your business partner, you benefit directly from:

– our network with suitable candidate entrepreneurs;
– our contacts at the highest level within the infrastructure and real estate sector;
– our access to the best operators in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In short, Fabbene makes your F&B franchise formula a reality in the Netherlands and Belgium!

Different types of restaurants and franchises

There is no standard success formula for the ideal F&B franchise. That is why Fabbene always delivers tailor-made solutions to eventually arrive at such a formula for success. Together with you, we will look, among other things, at which type of restaurant fits best in the current market and with which construction the franchise must be offered to entrepreneurs.

For the types of restaurants we distinguish between:

quick service restaurants (QRS);
fast casual & fast fine restaurants;
(specialty) full service restaurants;
chef driven restaurants.

The ideal franchise construction is then devised for each type of restaurant. Examples include single-unit, multi-unit or area development franchises. By means of research, consultation, knowledge of the market and common sense, eventually the ideal formula for your F & B franchise is created!